Analyse the Situation and Plan Your Activity

Getting a Clear Picture

I will produce a report covering policy and activity relating to the topic in which you are interested. This will help you to spot opportunities and potential threats. For example, are there existing Government programmes or other activities with which you can align to help strengthen your case? Are there any future Government plans that you might need to influence or any gaps in these that you might need to highlight?


I will also build a map of decision makers and influencers (a key opinion leader map) so you can see who you might need to influence, who might support you and who you will need to see. The information from the report and the map will help you make informed decisions and well-defined plans.


Deciding What To Do

Working together, we will analyse the current situation and devise a plan with specific public affairs objectives that contribute to your organisation’s ultimate goals.


We will define your organisation’s official views on important pieces of policy and the changes that you want to see happen. This will help you to communicate clearly to policy makers and other influencers through evidence-based key messages that I will draft for you to use.


I will help you design and run a campaign that achieves your objectives, within the resources you have available and which enhances the reputation of your organisation.